Best Offers Tivoli Audio iSongBook Portable Music System for iPod -White/Silver

Tivoli Audio iSongBook Portable Music System for iPod -White/Silver is one of the best product on the market today. The Tivoli Audio iSongBook Portable Music System for iPod -White/Silver is a great product that everyone can invest on.

Product Features

  • Compatibility: iPod classic 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G; iPod touch 1G; iPhone 1G
  • High Fidelity Stereo Sound with Detachable Speaker for Six Feet of Separation
  • Recharges iPod and Recharges NiMH/NiCAD Batteries for Portable Use
  • Remote Control of iPod with Play List Management, Wake to iPod/AM/FM/Beep Tone
  • Exceptional AM/FM Tuner for Precise Reception in North America and World Wide use

Product Description

Building on the success of their micro radios and bookshelf systems, Tivoli Audio has broken new ground in a crowded field of iPod accessories with the iSongBook. At just 2.81 pounds, and with an included right channel speaker, the iSongbook packs a serious portable punch. If you have an iPod with a docking port connector, this little unit deserves a serious look.

The iSongBook's iPod dock swings down when you're ready to make the connection.
The iSongBook's design takes many design queues from the Tivoli iPal, another iPod audio accessory from Tivoli Audio. That means that the iSongBook looks great alongside your iPod, which is exactly where the iPod is designed to go. A cradle cleverly swings down from the left side of the unit revealing a standard iPod docking port that also provides a charge for the iPod when the iSongBook is plugged into AC power. Tivoli also includes seven adapter "cups" that provide a snug fit for various iterations of the 3G, 4G, iPod Color, Video iPod, mini and even Nano. While the hideaway dock is a smart move, it can prove a bit kludgy when you have the iSongBook on an uneven surface, as the dock is only secured by a single hinge. It's a minor quibble, though.

The iSongBook's front panel is typical Tivoli fare-- a nice mix of retro style and Jetsons coolness. As with all Tivoli Audio products, controls are reassuringly simple and sturdy. Tivoli's philosophy seems to be that there should be a button devoted to each function of a given device. It's a refreshing choice in an age of ever-increasing complexity in electronics. Meanwhile, the unit's LCD display is large and bright, and there's a button for turning the backlight on and off for increased battery savings. Switching the function selector lets you choose from AM, FM, or iPod modes. iPod mode can double as an "Aux" mode, as there is a 3.5 mm auxiliary input on the back of the iSongBook. A straightforward alarm clock system is easy to set and control and allows the user to fall asleep and wake to their fave iPod tunes.

Bring your own iPod. Tivoli takes care of the rest.
Many would argue that offering two speakers in a small, portable audio device is futile exercise, as not enough stereo separation is possible. Indeed, Tivoli's Model One delivers some of the best "small" sound in the industry -- from a single speaker. To really experience stereo sound, some distance between the right and left channels is needed, and that's why the iSongBook sports a cleverly-implemented, detachable right speaker. The speaker is a breeze to connect and disconnect, and the cable is easily retractable via an internal coil that keeps the mess to a minimum. An added benefit of the detachable speaker is that it can be left behind when you want to keep the weight and bulk down.

Another hallmark of Tivoli's portable audio devices is that they offer flexible power options. The iSongBook is no exception. In addition to AC power, the unit can run on, and recharge, six rechargeable "AA"-size cells. Additionally, these batteries can be replaced with non-rechargeable "AA" alkaline cells when you're away from AC power for longer periods. When the unit is plugged in, the iSongBook provides a charge to both the rechargeable cells and your iPod. Pretty nifty.

Cord management is cleverly designed into the right channel speaker. The AC power and line-in ports are covered to keep out dust and moisture.
Listening Pleasure
The iSongBook's manual makes it clear that "Bass frequencies place a heavy strain on speakers and amplifiers. The iSongBook was engineered to produce the maximum amount of low frequencies for its size and power." Honesty is certainly the best policy and indeed, the iSongBook isn't cut out for delivering room-thumping bass. But it does deliver stunning crispness that will leave you wondering how Tivoli has managed to pack so much into such a small package. While lows are certainly not thundering, the crispness of notes across the full spectrum, high to low, is pretty hard to beat in a device this size. Tivoli's superior, audiophile-class electronics really do make a difference. Having an additional right channel that can be separated from the left is a big bonus. The monaural sound is good, but it lacks the fullness you'll hear with the right channel attached.

Integration with an iPod is painless, just pop it in the dock and the tunes begin. Meanwhile, AM/FM reception is good, and the digital tuner is surprisingly accurate and fast. The tuner's seek mode is as good as anything you'll find in a full-size component tuner. Tivoli never scrimps on anything, so there's also an included infrared remote. It's slim, easy-to-use, and highly functional, allowing you to control playlists and make album selections on your iPod. The iSongBook's headphone jack is a nice touch, too, even though it is redundant with the iPod's headphone jack-- unless you're listening to the iSongBook's radio.

What's in the Box
iSongBook unit with detachable right speaker, external power supply, remote control, 7 iPod adapter cups, and warranty registration card.


  • Now-legendary Tivoli design and electronics
  • Simple operation
  • Excellent sound (if you can do without thumping bass)
  • Prepare to pay a premium price for quality this high

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Tivoli Audio iSongBook Portable Music System for iPod -White/Silver

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