Best Offers Klipsch I200 Jamo I200

Klipsch I200 Jamo I200 is one of the best product on the market today. The Klipsch I200 Jamo I200 is a great product that everyone can invest on.

Product Features

  • Compatible with All Dockable iPods, including Nano and Video, iPod Video - 5th Generation, iPod Nano - 1st Generation
  • Wall Outlet Plug-In, High Clarity, Full Stereo Sound, Concurrent iPod Operation and Battery Charge, Remote Control Operation
  • Made of High-Grade Plastic
  • Easy Set-Up, Direct Play After Docking, Superior Sound Quality, 2-Way Speakers with Built-In Woofers and Tweeters

Product Description

Jamo i200 iPod Speaker System, Black The i200 makes it legal to share your music with your friends. Just take the headphones out and click your iPod into the spring loaded docking bay. This gives you and your friends direct access to all the stored music while simultaneously recharging your iPod. Features: * You can mount it on the wall or just set it on a table. The i200 is therefore a solution for all who would like to have a compact, well-playing and minimalist system with big sound and lots of functional uses. * Carefully selected speaker drive-units and sophisticated electronics guarantee a musical performance that belies the sleek, elegant design. This makes the i200 the ideal solution for the kitchen, office, bedroom or any other room where you need easy access to musical entertainment. i200 is also fitted with an auxiliary input that can be used to connect MP3 players including mobile phones. In short, with the i200 you get easy access to your personal audio library, no matter what the format. Specifications: System: 2-way Woofer (inch/mm) 2 x 2 / 70 Tweeter (inch/mm) 2 x / 13 Weight (kg/lb) 3 / 6.6 Dimensions (HxWxD/mm/in) 125x380x95 / 4.9x15.0x3.7 Frequency Range 120-20,000

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Klipsch I200 Jamo I200

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