Best Offers Elevation Dock for iPhone 4 & 4S

Elevation Dock for iPhone 4 & 4S is one of the best product on the market today. The Elevation Dock for iPhone 4 & 4S is a great product that everyone can invest on.

Product Features

  • Individually CNC machined from solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum. Glass bead-blasted, hard-anodized & sealed--- matches the finish on Apple's unibody Macbook Pro's and iMacs
  • USB output-- syncs and powers your phone
  • Easy undocking! This is achieved by a special low-friction connection & the heft of its solid-metal construction
  • Works with all Apple phones and iPods that uses the 30-pin connection (includes iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, & 4S)
  • Includes both a 1.5ft and 6ft interchangable cord with each dock. iPhone not included

Product Description

The Elevation Dock - Simple to use, quick undocking, and it works with or without a case. It's beautifully precision-machined from solid aluminum and it comes in a gorgeous surface finish, setting a new bar for quality and something that looks really good on your desk. It complements the high-level craftsmanship of the iPhone like no other.*****Undocking is a breeze. Just pull up the phone up - no violent shaking or using two hands to hold the dock down required. This is achieved by a special low-friction connection, the heft of its solid metal construction, and tacky rubber feet.*****Case, no case, doesn't matter. Again, the Elevation Dock is designed to just work. That's why a clever movable support pad allows you to use the dock with or without a case and in a range of case sizes. Cases will generally work if the back is less than 4mm thick, the front is less than 3mm, width is under 70mm wide, and a standard apple cord can plug into them on the bottom.*****Makes FaceTime Better. The dock's acoustics make the iPhone sound great and less tinny than when laid on a desk, so speakerphone and FaceTime calls sound better. And it's angled back 8 degrees, so you are perfectly in frame of the video.*****Perfect for your nightstand too. Know exactly where your phone is in the dark and be able to just easily grab it. Friends we gave prototypes to loved this and used them more often in the bedroom than at their desk - and they all wanted more than one.*****Machined & Assembled in USA. Not many consumer electronics can say that. Unmatched quality control, speed to market, and the advanced and efficient machining capabilities of machine shops locally make it an easy choice to manufacture the bodies domestically.

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Elevation Dock for iPhone 4 & 4S

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