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DLO HomeDock for iPod is one of the best product on the market today. The DLO HomeDock for iPod is a great product that everyone can invest on.

Product Features

  • Watch music videos, home movies, TV episodes and slideshows with music on a big screen TV
  • Listen to iPod's music played through your high-fidelity home stereo system and speakers
  • Remote Control of over 14 separate iPod functions including photo slideshows
  • Charge, sync and dock iPod with Macintosh or PC via USB
  • Compatibility: iPod nano (1G and 2G), 3G iPod, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod Color, iPod Video

Product Description

The DLO 009-9764 HomeDock for iPod is the world's first iPod dock that lets you view and select your iPod's music on your TV screen, allowing you to navigate, select and play your songs using the included 18-button remote control. The HomeDock will change the way you experience your iPod, your music, and your pictures, letting you browse through Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres and more, even viewing slideshows on your big screen at amazing resolutions, all from the comfort of your sofa.

DLO's 009-9764 displays your iPod's music content on a beautifully designed HomeDock TV interface that's as clear and cool as the iPod itself. You can even customize colors, choosing from four different color themes including Aqua, Forest, Teal or Metal to match the decor of any room in your house. You can also choose from several screen savers, such as a Status Bar screen saver that shows your iPod's current status, song and album information on a moving graphic billboard. The HomeDock's intuitive remote control lets you navigate with ease through your songs and playlists to select just the right tunes for any occasion, letting you control 14 various iPod functions. The HomeDock displays the currently playing song info and progress at the top of your screen while letting you select another song from the listings below, with names and titles that are large and easy to read from anywhere in the room.

In taking the entertainment out of your pocket and putting it on the big screen, the HomeDock offers two distinct modes: On-Screen Navigation Mode for music interface on your TV, and iPod Mode to play photo slideshows on your TV directly from the iPod. You can quickly switch modes with the push of a button to watch and control videos and photo slideshows from your iPod, or browse and play music with on-screen navigation. This unit connects to your home entertainment system or stereo via standard RCA plugs, so you don't have to worry about any adapters or Y-cables. Your iPod's music is sent to your stereo through the superior audio line-out from the bottom of the iPod, which provides for a much higher-quality audio signal than if you simply plugged your iPod into your stereo with a Y-cable from the headphone jack. With no adapters, and no loose cables, all you have to deal with is great sounding iPod music coming through your existing home stereo.

You can not only enjoy the convenience and performance of the HomeDock next to your home stereo and TV, but with your PC or Mac as well. This unit also includes standard USB that connects to your computer and lets you sync and charge your iPod right from the HomeDock. USB powers your HomeDock so you don't even need to plug it in when attached to your computer, letting you play your iPod's music through a pair of powered speakers, or passed back through the input of your PC. This provides you with the additional benefit of having a convenient, great sounding iPod office stereo system, with its own remote control of course.

The DLO 009-9764 HomeDock works with all dockable, click wheel iPods including the: iPod Nano (1st and 2nd generation), iPod Video, iPod Color, 4G iPod and iPod mini models. Your iPod can connect to your large-screen TV via a standard A/V connection, or through S-Video, allowing you to not just view picture slideshows, but play them with a music soundtrack. The HomeDock fully powers and charges your iPod while in use, and comes with all the necessary cables to get going right out of the box, including an AC power adapter and an A/V cable. The low-profile HomeDock comes in black and white to match both your iPod and home decor, measures 5.75 x 1 x 3.75 inches (W x H x D), and it's backed by a manufacturer's 90-day warranty.

What's in the Box
The DLO 009-9764 HomeDock base module, the HomeDock 14-function remote control with battery, an adjustable iPod support, 1 x 6-foot A/V cable (left-right stereo audio, composite video), 1 x 6-inch RCA-to-minijack adapter, 1 x 12-volt AC power adapter, and a user's manual.

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DLO HomeDock for iPod

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