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Krell KID iPod Dock Silver is one of the best product on the market today. The Krell KID iPod Dock Silver is a great product that everyone can invest on.

Product Features

  • iPod dock that uses the balanced signal off your iPod!
  • Class A analog circuitry
  • Can be used as a stand alone dock into you current audio system!
  • Use our PAPA DOCK amplifer to give you the ultimate iPod system.
  • Remote control for full iPod management

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

From the Manufacturer

The Krell Papa Dock Amplifier and the Krell KID iPod Dock - the Ultimate Music Source for Your iPod

The KID Dock from Krell is designed to deliver maximum sonic performance from an iPod-device, and is the first product of its kind to utilize the fully differential output of the internal DAC for iPod-devices. Additional features include opto-isolated digital connections between the iPod-device and the KID, and balanced differential Class A circuitry. Ultra low noise volume control, with digitally-controlled analog bass and treble controls fine tune your listening experience. A full-function remote control makes operation flexible. Balanced and single-ended outputs, composite and S-Video outputs, and an RS-232 control allow for a variety of connection options.

The Krell Papa Dock and KID Dock are, when paired, the ultimate audiophile solution for your digital audio collection on your iPod. Sold separately, the Papa Dock mates up with the KID Dock and can provide up to 150 watts of power for your Apple iPod (iPhone and iPod touch may work but are not supported). Features include a 40,000 microfarad power supply, physically isolated left and right channels, twelve high current output devices and WBT speaker connectors. The Papa is also auto sensing and powers on when the iPod is connected.

How the Papa Dock and KID Dock Work Together

450 watts of power with a 40,000 microfarad power supply (shown paired, docks sold separately)

The Krell Papa dock amplifier and the Krell KID iPod dock are sold separately. Note that the KID iPod docking station is a stand-alone iPod preamplifier, and can be integrated into an existing system with an amplifier or powered speakers, while the Krell Papa Dock is designed to only work paired with the matching KID Dock.

The KID and Papa Dock
combination shown together

Designed for Audiophiles

Aimed at discerning audiophiles, the Krell Papa Dock power amplifier has been designed for use with the higly acclaimed and multi-featured Krell KID high end iPod docking station, and offers Class A analog circuitry and a total of 150 watts of output.

The Krell Papa Dock offers auto power sensing (allowing the device to power up and down automatically depending on whether the KID is docked) and comes with a 256-step volume control, a 40,000 microfarad power supply, physically isolated left and right channels, twelve high current output devices and WBT speaker connectors. Additionally composite, S-video and RS-232 connectivity are on offer as well as a remote offering full iPod control as well as adjustment of bass, treble and volume control.

About the Krell KID Dock

KID, which stands for Krell Interface Dock, is more than a conventional iPod dock--it is a high performance iPod preamplifier. Krell core engineering technologies populate the circuitry, including discrete, differential, Class A analog circuitry. Optically isolated from the digital circuitry, the KID topology passes signal through a custom 256-step volume control and ends in balanced and single-ended audio outputs. Additional connections include composite, S-video, and RS-232 for use with more advanced control systems. The included remote control provides full iPod management as well as bass, treble, and volume adjustments. Compatible with all generation iPods and iPhones, the KID also charges the iPod battery when resting in its cradle. The KID delivers maximum sonic performance from any iPod device utilizing the dock connector, including the iPhone and iTouch. All of the iPod functions are accessible via the remote control or via the docked iPod device. You can connect the KID Dock to your home amplifier or receiver, or attach a pair of powered amplified speakers, and the KID will work as your dedicated iPod dock. Or you can pair it with the matching Papa Dock for a complete standalone audiophile iPod solution.

The Krell KID iPod dock shown front and back

About the Krell Papa Dock

Externally simplistic but internally advanced, the Papa Dock circuitry follows an award winning Krell recipe--great power and refined circuitry. Featuring a massive 450-watt, 40,000 microfarad power supply, the Papa Dock is engineered to drive virtually any speaker to realistic listening levels. Balanced circuitry in the KID delivers music to the Papa Dock via a custom connecting link, which then feeds signal to the Papa Dock output stages. Physically isolated from each other, the left and right channels incorporate discrete, direct-coupled topology, twelve high current output devices, and terminate in WBT speaker connectors. Automatically responding to the insertion of an iPod, the KID powers on the Papa Dock and powers down when an iPod is removed.

About Krell Industries

Krell Industries is a premier manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, featuring award winning amplifiers, preamplifiers, SACD players, DVD players, surround sound processors, digital-to-analog converters, and loudspeakers for serious music lovers and home theater aficionados. Founded in 1980, by Dan and Rondi D'Agostino, Krell has grown and flourished for the past 27 years. Each year has brought state-of-the-art advances in product design, and innovative corporate development. Krell consistently has garnered laudatory reviews and won wide-ranging praise from the industry's most knowledgeable and discerning commentators and reviewers. Perhaps no company in audio today enjoys a more distinguished reputation for engineering innovation and product excellence than does Krell Industries, Inc. All components are designed by Dan D'Agostino, Krell C.E.O. and Chief Designer.

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Krell KID iPod Dock Silver

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