Best Offers Zune HD AV Dock

Zune HD AV Dock is one of the best product on the market today. The Zune HD AV Dock is a great product that everyone can invest on.

Product Features

  • Watch supported 720p HD movies, TV shows, and videos in high definition on your HDTV
  • Send music to your home audio system
  • Charge your Zune HD player while docked
  • Control your Zune with the included wireless remote
  • Allows syncing of supported HD videos

Product Description

Turn your home entertainment system and Zune HD player into a full HD experience!

This all-in-one package enables your Zune HD to charge sync and play HD videos on your HDTV. Send music and HD Radio reception to your home audio system and control it all via a wireless remote. (Zune HD player sold separately.)

  • Display HD video and photos on your TV.

    • For 720p HD video, plug the included HDMI cable to your HDTV. Zune HD player required.
    • For 480i standard resolution, plug in the AV output cable to your TV. Zune HD, Zune 120, or Zune 80 players required.

  • Listen to your music collection or HD Radio stations. Connect to your home audio system using the provided cables. (Zune HD player required for HD Radio reception.)

  • Wireless remote control. The wireless remote allows you to control your Zune player from anywhere in the room.

  • Small and convenient AC adapter. This small AC adapter easily fits into crowded power strips.

  • Included: dock, three inserts (one for each Zune model), wireless remote, AC adapter, HDMI cable, and AV output cable.

Zune players sold separately. Zune HD player and HDTV are required to view supported video files at 720p HD resolution and listen to HD Radio reception. HD Radio is not currently available in Canada. Click here for more information about HD Radio.

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Zune HD AV Dock

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